Going Down?

Stuck in the elevator, I though, what a horrible way to start my weekend… I was looking forward to heading to the beach, laying on the sand, and letting the sun kiss my skin.  But now, on my way out of the office, the elevator was stuck.  It wasn’t all bad, one of the new interns had run to get on the elevator just as the doors were closing, like a gentleman, I held the doors open, so she could get in. It didn’t hurt that she was redheaded, green eyed, and well, stacked. Mandy was her name, the most beautiful young lady I had seen in years.

It had started to get hot, and we didn’t even know if they new we were stuck in there.  Unlike the newer elevators, this old dinosaur didn’t have a phone in it, and our cell phone service was non existent in here.  Within a few minutes, I had loosened my tie, and unbuttoned it all the way.  Mandy and I talked a little, but it wasn’t a full blown conversation.  I could see she was interested in the way I was removing my clothes, so I made it as dramatic as I could.  When I took my under shirt, I made sure to flex, so my six pack would really look ripped. I wasn’t one of those muscle bound guys that looks like he can bench press a thousand pounds, but I did have good muscle tone, and was pretty proud of it, I worked hard to look like that.  I noticed Mandy’s eyes drift in my direction from time to time, but I didn’t make it obvious. 

After an hour or so, the heat was more than intense. Mandy had let her hair down, and I could almost see right through the white shirt she was wearing.  I could tell she had on a little lacy pink colored bra, I say little, but she was more than a handful, she was at least a “C” cup, I’d guess 36 or 38c. Down to my boxers, I was sitting on the floor.  Mandy had unbuttoned her shirt, and would of faced away from me, if the walls weren’t made of glass… I could see her body, toned and tight, yes, I could tell she worked out. I must of really been paying attention, cause I didn’t notice my penis had been paying attention too.  She looked at me and smiled, looking up at her, I said “What are you smiling at?”  “Apparently, you see something you like.” She replied.  “What makes you think that?” I shot back with a little hint of arrogance.  No words were needed from her end, she just raised her eyebrow, and nodded downward.  I quickly noticed what she was motioning too, and was a little embarrassed. I didn’t have much time to come up with an explanation however, as I looked back up to try and offer one, Mandy had made here way down to the floor, and between my legs. Her wonderful red hair brushed against my legs, and when her hand released my member from the silk material that surrounded it, I felt it throb with pleasure.  Mandy put her lips around the head, and with her tongue, teased me by licking, sucking and swirling her way around it.  With long strokes of her hand, and deep swallows of my shaft, she masterfully sucked my cock.  I had reached under her, and released her breasts from the bra that held them, beautiful little nipples, about quarter size, added the perfection.  I could smell her perfume now, sweet and seductive, I was so turned on, I could feel myself getting closer.  She kept sucking me, up and down, licking, nibbling, I could see her lick the precum off the head, and swallow it with delight. She quickened her pace, and I could feel the end coming. My muscles tensed, and as if that were a cue, she  wrapped both hands around my shaft, stroked faster, and sucked harder.  I could no longer contain myself.  With a final gasp, I unloaded my cum into her mouth, and she swallowed, and swallowed, not waiting a drop.  I had never had anyone swallow, so the amazing feeling seemed to unleash more cum than ever… she took it all, not wasting a drop. She kissed the head of my cock, stood up, and buttoned up her shirt.  As if she knew something, the bell dinged, and we started moving, I rushed to get dressed, before the doors opened.  As I put the final knot in my tie, the doors came open, and they let us out.  Before heading off in  her own direction, Mandy turned toward me, smiled, and said “Lunch, tomorrow, same time?” I smiled, “of course.”



What is it about her, I can’t let her go.

but at the same time, I can’t let her know…

How much she means to me, how much I need,

to have her in my life, she occupies my dreams.

It’s not easy being friends, when you want much more.

when you want to be the one, to show her whats in store…

If she would only look my way, if I could show her my heart,

then she’d know what I was feeling, it would be a start.

But that isn’t going to happen, it’s just a fantasy,

She was never meant for someone like me.




Laying in darkness, I can’t move or see,

I’m recalling the accident, my car hit a tree.


Didn’t want to wear a seat belt, thought I was to cool,

As I flew through the windshield, I felt like a fool.


I know it had to hurt, but I feel no pain,

There must have some good meds, flowing through my veins.


I can hear my mom crying, my dad is here too,

“I didn’t mean to wreck the car dad, and mom, I love you.”


I don’t think they can hear me, wish I could let them know,

That I’m feeling OK now, so I’m sure soon we can go.


But I’m lying here motionless, tied to a machine,

I heard something about a broken neck, fractured back, and a ruptured spleen.


My parents get up, and they start to leave,

No wait, please don’t go, can’t you hear me scream?


You can’t leave me in this place; I’ll be here all alone,

Please take me with you; I just want to go home!


They’re gone, now it’s just me, in this darkened nightmare,

Not sure if I’ll ever wake up, or if I even care.

Poetry is my wa…

Poetry is my way of releasing the talent I have inside. I, as do all poets, see the world in a different light. I express happyness, joy, sadness, pain, fear, anxiety, excitement, and countless other emotions through written word. That which I do not have the confidence to speak, I write.